Smash Cloud is a modern technology consulting firm that specializes in custom software development. We work with businesses and technology companies to enable innovative business transformation by leveraging the power of digital. Put simply, we’re problem-solvers, with a knack for innovation, tech, and design. Our range of services and solutions, designed to meet the demands of both traditional companies undergoing digital transformation, and technology companies looking to accelerate growth, allow us to deliver software solutions that address your most pressing business and customer needs.


Our core mission is to help businesses and individuals bring ideas to life by enabling them to achieve their true potential. While most companies in our industry invest time and resources in taking instructions on tasks that they have to execute, we invest in learning more about your business, products and objectives first. This focus on developing context, coupled with specialist skillsets enables us to multiply the value you get from your software.


With clients in over 6 countries, and offices in 3 continents, Smash Cloud operates on a truly global delivery model. We primarily specialize in custom software development services and work in a wide variety of industries.

With standalone specialist teams for everything from user experience to quality assurance, we're able to help companies through a variety of coupled and decoupled services.

The era of isolated software development is fast coming to an end. Software is eating the world, and is fast moving from just a cost center to the enabler of business innovation and growth. The question that Smash Cloud seeks to address is how can you most effectively leverage technology to really move the needle on your business goals. It is no longer acceptable to isolate technology from the greater business context, and therefore traditional software development approaches need to be rethought.

With Smash Cloud’s solution offerings we enable two types of companies; software companies looking to accelerate their product innovation through Augment and non-software companies looking to accelerate digital transformation through our flagship CAPstone offering. Under each of these solutions, rest our core service offerings, allowing our teams to leverage specialise talent wherever needed to build final products that work for your business users and your customers.

Explore our service offerings, solutions and engagement models to learn more about how SmashCloud can help you get more out of your custom software initiatives.

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