SmashCloud is looking for an experienced Backend Developer to join its fast-growing team. The role isprimarily for backend development but any experience in frontend technologies will be a plus


Learning Opportunities

You will have the opportunities to build on and learn new exciting skills. No prior experience is required for

  • Opportunity to work with and learn from experienced full stack developers having multiple years of
    expertise across different technologies.
  • You will be working with different cloud technologies like AWS and Azure, modern architectures such
    as micro-services, multi-tenancy - and frameworks such as Serverless.
  • You will be part of teams working on multiple projects across different industries.
  • Multiple opportunities to enhance and improve on your communication skills.


  • You will be working at a fun and vibrant place that would help you enormously with your social skills.
  • You will be provided health insurance benefits.
  • We have a team culture that focuses on individual growth

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