Technology Co. wanted to use the cloud migration opportunity to also modernise their applications, and switch to a micro-services architecture to enable further agility and utilize multiple teams to take features to market faster.

Technology Co., a mid-size enterprise software company, was in the middle of a full-scale product overhaul as it wanted to switch to a SaaS based model. They were seeking to maintain the competitive position as they saw threats emerging from new, cloud native, competitors that offered attractive SaaS based pricing models and product architectures that allowed competitors to respond to customer needs faster.


SmashCloud’s Augment offering was a perfect match.

SmashCloud ramped up a dedicated team of developers to re-develop Technology Co.’s software suite in the cloud, with a range of SaaS, per user per month, pricing models - in collaboration with their existing tech team.

The software suite utilized a microservices, API driven, polyglot persistence model, with each of the teams being responsible for their own services and an integrated API management solution at the center.
The team on SmashCloud’s side consisted of 5 Javascript developers, a quality assurance tester and project manager based out of SmashCloud’s offshore office. The technology stack consisted of node.JS on the backend and a React.JS PWA (Progressive Web Application) on the backend.

Both teams worked in 2 week sprints with daily standups through teleconferencing, and retrospectives followed by sprint planning between each sprint - ensuring the delivery of working software at the end of each sprint.


Through Augment, Technology Co. was able to shorten its modernization roadmap in half, while achieving cost savings of almost 60%. Technology Co.’s new cloud based software suite went live in 2018 and with SmashCloud’s support over 30% of their existing customer base has now migrated to the cloud offering.

SmashCloud’s Augment approach is a size-agnostic solution for software companies to accelerate development through dedicated teams of cloud specialists for quarterly, 6 month or annual periods.

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