With a team of cloud specialists, our back-end development offering includes architecture design, API management, and code using a wide variety of technologies. We have specialist expertise with technologies/languages such as PHP, Node.JS, Python, and .NET.

Service Offering Type

  • Independent

  • Often combined with Front-end Development

  • Part of end to end

Types of Projects

  • New Build

    Making the right architecture choices at the beginning can pretty much set the tone for decades. Leverage our experience with latest architecture approaches such as microservices and serverless to build highly scalable, highly available applications.

  • Application Modernisation

    Modernise your applications to reduce total cost of ownership and respond faster to business needs by leveraging our extensive experience with application modernisation.

  • Cloud Native Apps

    Future proof your new initiatives by going straight to the cloud to achieve agility, availability, and cost efficiency by leveraging our cloud experience to build cloud native apps.

  • New Feature Addition

    There are many ways to add new features to existing applications, and all of them don’t have to rely on existing teams. SmashCloud has a track record of adding features to pre-existing software.

  • Optimisation

    Reducing technical debt can be hard when you’re also responding to business needs for new features – back-end optimisation projects often involve rationalising the evolution of software to maintain availability and ensuring conflicts don’t hamper innovation.

  • System Integration

    As businesses continue to leverage data and interactions across the customer journey and across the enterprise, the need for system integration to facilitate a central source of truth, efficiency in processes, and omni-channel experiences continues to grow.

  • API management

    Leverage SmashCloud’s extensive experience to make the most out of your API strategy through effective API management.

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