We have specialist expertise with modern front-end technologies, such as React and Angular that enable the development of highly optimised, fast loading, and modern progressive web applications. On the mobile front, we have expertise in both native (iOS and Android) apps, and cross-platform technologies such as React Native. Our front-end offering is where design is brought to life through code.

Service Offering Type

  • Independent

  • Often combined with Back-end Development

  • Part of end to end

Types of Projects

  • New Build

    Making the right front-end choices can make or break your new product. Our success criteria includes everything from loading times to the ability to scale across devices and touchpoints .

  • Optimisation

    Front-end optimisations can increase conversions, improve engagements and make your applications much more accessible. Front-end optimisation projects include everything from offline synchronisations to conversion rate optimisation.

  • PWA conversion

    Wanting to make your application load faster? Be available when there is intermittent connectivity and provide an overall optimised experience? Progressive web applications are the future of front-end development, and SmashCloud’s specialist expertise is here to help.

  • Integration

    Integration projects often include reusing the same back-end APIs with multiple front-ends across web and mobile.

  • Mobile App Development

    With specialist teams for both native and cross platform development, SmashCloud is able to front-end applications with the right technology choices from the start.

  • A/B Testing Variants

    There are often multiple ways to solve a problem, with A/B testing projects we work to find the most preferred optimised design solutions.

  • Web App Development

    With specialist teams with experience in the latest front-end technologies such as React and Angular, SmashCloud is able to front-end applications with the right technology choices from the start.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

    Shorten delivery times and improve consistency by leveraging our experience with cross-platform application development.

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