Migrate applications to the Cloud through modernization, rebuilding or just lift and shift.

Service Offering Type

  • Part of End to End

  • Often Combined with UI

  • Independent

Types of Projects

  • First Time Design

    Migrate applications to the Cloud through modernization, rebuilding or just lift and shift.

  • Complete Redesign

    When products become outdated or achieve the functional objectives, but are still clunky or hard to use – our UX team works by understanding user pain points and redesigning the product for simplicity while ensuring existing functionality is not compromised in anyway.

  • User Testing

    Road testing product design with actual users can help identify critical usability issues well before the designs go into development. Our UX team recruits, designs and administers user tests for a wide variety of products.

  • A/B Testing

    There are often multiple ways to solve a problem, with A/B testing projects we work to find the most preferred optimised way for users to complete objectives.

  • Feature Addition

    Adding new features to existing projects, requires a careful study of how they affect the overall user journey and then ensure the new feature is added while keeping all conventions intact.

  • Optimisation

    Users struggling with specific actions? UX optimisation projects are normally done when there are specific functions in which users struggle most.

  • Mobile Apps

    Effective real estate utilisation and making things easy for small screens, when the majority of users interact with applications on the go, is necessary for every software product. With specialised skill set in our UX teams, we work to create mobile apps that keep major functions accessible depending on the user context.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Making sure ease of use scales up and down based on screen size for web applications is critical to ensure high engagement levels on the most preferred device types.

  • Web Apps

    We help build web apps that are user friendly, ensuring standardised conventions, making the most of the large real estate available and facilitating diverse user journeys.

  • Dashboards

    When working on the UX of data, our UX teams work to visualise data in a way that is relevant, intuitive and comprehensive.

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