Our specialist UI designers work to convert the low-fidelity screens created by UX into final design interfaces. This process often involves studying/understanding brand guidelines then creating interfaces that not only retain the user-friendly behaviour specified in the wireframes but also look great.

Service Offering Type

  • Independent

  • Often Combined with UX

  • Part of End to End

Types of Projects

  • First Time Design

    Design is critical to building a competitive edge when it comes to software, our UI team designs new products to look modern, be accessible, and have a distinct identity.

  • Complete Redesign

    The definition of good design is constantly evolving, ensuring your products stay up-to-date is important to maintaining a competitive edge.

  • Brand Compliant design

    You want your customers to know when they are interacting with your brand, our UI team works hard to ensure digital interfaces maintain the overall brand identity.

  • User Testing

    Good design can vary from industry to industry and across demographics, road testing your designs before committing to development can help ensure your customers approval.

  • A/B Testing

    There are often multiple ways to solve a problem, with A/B testing projects we work to find the most preferred optimised design solutions.

  • Feature Addition

    Ensuring consistency of design when adding new features increases the chance of those features being used and provides a uniform experience to users.

  • Optimisation

    Minor inconsistencies? Specific areas not looking right? Design optimisation projects are about making changes to specific behaviours/interactions to ensure they provide the user with an optimised experience.

  • Mobile Apps

    Designing for the small screen is critical – with shorter attention spans and close up of the screen – your product design needs to work on the devices your users prefer most.

  • Mobile Responsive

    Making sure the experience scales up and down based on screen size for web applications is critical to ensure high engagement levels on the most preferred device types.

  • Web Apps

    We help build web apps that look great while being user friendly, have standardised conventions, make the most of the large real estate available and facilitating diverse user journeys.

  • Dashboards

    Dashboards must be informative but they also are somewhere users return too often, making sure they look good improves the overall experience and helps make data driven decision making easier through intuitive colour coding, contrast ratios and gradients.

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