SmashCloud’s augment offering is designed for companies looking to augment their existing development teams through our global delivery model (GDM). Augment allows companies to get access to highly skilled dedicated developers and professionals at our offshore delivery center.

The Augment approach is used in either a co-delivery model or tech team as a service model. Each model has its advantages is best suited to a specific type of company. They are defined below in detail.


The co-delivery model is when you already have an existing development team and would like to accelerate development with additional resources that work seamlessly alongside your existing team. Communication channels are decided, areas of responsibility are defined and overlap times are agreed upon.

This works best when you’re looking to:

  • Quickly scaling up your technical team with specialist expertise - without having to commit to long term resources.
  • Accelerate your product roadmap in a cost effective way
  • Balance your development costs through a hybrid onshore-offshore team
  • Engage specialist expertise that is different from your core capabilities
  • Parallel track initiatives but have limited bandwidth in-house

Tech Team as Service

Our tech team as a service approach is when SmashCloud manages all technical aspects including design, development and testing for you - while either business roles or some technical leadership exists in-house.

This approach works best for companies that are looking for keeping a lean inhouse operation and would like to manage development in a cost effective way. 

This works best when you’re looking to:

  • Engage an entire development team dedicated to your product
  • Scale up development fast
  • Extend your runway through cost effective offshore development
  • Engage highly skilled, specialised developers

Through Augment we’ve helped several software/technology companies build/accelerate their products - through engagements as short as a single quarter to long term, several year contracts.
Longer contracts ensure that domain knowledge is consistently built within the team, technical debt is continuously managed and an effective working relationship is maintained. Along with providing resources on demand, our approach offers substitute resources when required and the ability to switch out resources mid-contract in a time effective manner.

Looking to accelerate your product roadmap? We’d love to put Augment to work for your company, schedule a discovery call to see if we’re a fit!

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