Software is eating the world, and even if you’re not in the software industry - there is a high likelihood a software company will be in your industry - already or very soon. Consulting companies are home to some of the world’s most valuable specialized knowledge and they are increasingly under the threat of disruption as software upends business models.

What are you doing about it?

The default of doing nothing is unacceptable. We’ve helped consulting companies across a variety of sub-sectors leverage their knowledge to build IP they can sell to their clients, achieving both a highly differentiated offering and insurance against disruption. 

By bringing together the combination of deep domain expertise and our technical and product expertise we help consulting companies carve out new business models and bring high value software products to market.

Some examples of how we’ve helped companies uncover value:

1.Optimising Plant Performance with BI Tools: We helped a team of process engineering consultants build a BI solution that helped their clients get more out of their waste treatment plants. The solution was immediately adopted by some of their top clients. 

2. ROI Calculator: We helped one of our clients build a ROI calculator to allow clients to determine which initiatives they should prioritize. Sold alongside their consulting services, it proved to be a powerful differentiator.

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