Legacy software companies had wide open markets, and were the initial disruptors - now they are quickly becoming victims of disruption themselves as SaaS upends the traditional software business model.

Customers express they are more likely to buy a SaaS solution vs a traditional license model by a margin of over 60% - so it has become imperative for software companies to continue to innovate by adopting a SaaS business model.

With our extensive expertise across software sub-sectors, we’ve helped companies go through the transition to SaaS and help them build multi-tenant applications on the cloud.

With transform we focus on the following areas:

1. Identity and Access Management: SaaS is all about identity; it must be woven into the fabric of your SaaS architecture and design, enabling you to authorize and scope access to your multi-tenant services, infrastructure, and data effectively. 

2. Billing and Metering: Adopting a SaaS business model typically means developing and introducing all-new models for how you meter tenant usage and correlate that usage with a bill. SaaS organizations need to consider how they will tier the various flavors of their SaaS offering and consider how they will meter their environments to align with these tiering models. 

3. Multi-tenancy: The multi-tenant nature of SaaS solutions requires a heightened focus on ensuring that every effort is made to isolate tenant resources and you are able to effectively provision tenants on demand.

  1. Data Partitioning: Our SaaS architects work with you to identify the mix of data partitioning strategies that align the scale, isolation, performance, and compliance needs of your SaaS environment.
  2. Operations & Management: SaaS environments require a robust and responsive operations footprint. We help you build an accurate and proactive view of your system’s health to maximize the reliability of your SaaS environment.

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