What part of your customer journey are your customers most unhappy about? If you simplified the onboarding process for your SaaS solution, would that increase sales? There is always untapped potential across your application portfolio, and Value360 is all about uncovering those opportunities.

Whether you’re a software company that sells software, or are responsible for an internal custom application; the single most important KPI is ensuring you consistently deliver value to the end user.

With Value360, we use our proprietary methodology to analyze your customer and user journeys to find opportunities to increase business value. We do this through a range of tools, analysis models and experimentation. 

Some examples of how we’ve helped companies uncover value:

1. Increase sales by simplifying onboarding: Customers loved our client’s product, but they were already far too invested with the current solutions as they contained large amounts of data, slowly added over years of use. We built a data migration tool that made the migration process as simple as clicking a few buttons - helping them grow sales by 30%.

2. Automate Data consolidation for reports: Employees at our client were spending 2-3 days a month creating monthly reports for their clients. We built a document generation application that reduced the report generation process to 2 hours - all of which were focused on entering tailored insights for clients.

3. Increasing NPS by giving data analysis capabilities: We helped a SaaS company increase their NPS by 16 points by giving their users an embedded tableau dashboard that allowed them to do more with their data.

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